We want you to get the help you need. You have options:

  • You can elect to self-pay for lactation care from Mama Bear. For many, the investment into professional lactation help seems small when compared to the ongoing cost of formula over baby's first year of life. Remember that you can utilize Health Savings Account (HSA) funds, as well.

  • If you are eligible for WIC, there are breastfeeding peer counselors who can assist you. Check our Additional Resources page for more details.

  • No matter your income, you may be able to request an appointment to see a Public Health nurse with a breastfeeding certification. Check our Additional Resources page for more details.

  • Anyone and everyone is welcome to access free peer breastfeeding support from trained leaders through La Leche League of Eau Claire. There are also support groups that meet at area clinics and hospitals. Check our Additional Resources page for more details on these groups.

No insurance?

Call your insurance company and ask what your policy covers for breastfeeding support and counseling. Also ask if they require you to see someone in-network, and if so, who your in-network options are. If you have no in-network options, ask how much money they will reimburse you for obtaining breastfeeding support and counseling from an out-of-network provider. (Mama Bear Family Care is an out-of-network provider.). Finally, ask what the procedure is for submitting a Superbill for reimbursement after seeing an out-of-network provider.

Before you book a consult, start here:

It is important that you understand what the health insurance requirements are and how to make use of the coverage you may have available. Here's a great blog post written by an IBCLC explaining "How To Get Reimbursed for an IBCLC Home Visit." The National Women’s Law Center Tool Kit for Breastfeeding Mothers is another helpful resource to read over.

Resources for Navigating Insurance Claims

Mama Bear Family Care accepts cash, check, and credit card payments, with balances due on or before day of service. Lactation counseling is an acceptable use of Health Savings Account (HSA) funds, for families who may wish to use them.  
In addition, we will provide a Superbill upon request that identifies services provided by name and health insurance code, as well as prices paid. Clients will be responsible for submitting this Superbill to their own insurance company in order to seek reimbursement. Under the Affordable Care Act, most families should have health insurance coverage for lactation counseling. Unfortunately, there are a few loopholes that exist. And sometimes families need to re-submit claims more than once before they are paid. We will do what I can to help you get reimbursed, but it will be up to you to deal with your insurance carrier directly.

Payment Policies